Montessori Language: Pink Reading Kit Sound Bin

Miss Tips and the "c" sound bin.


My children have really learned how to avoid either getting dressed in the morning or going to bed at night. They pull out the sound bins I recently completed from Karen Tyler's Pink Reading Kit - Montessori Language album, and decide to work on it. How can I say "no" when they are wanting to develop their skill sets? :D

So here is Miss Tips, at age 2-1/2 years old, using the "c" bin from Karen Tyler's Pink Reading Kit (

Since my children are already learning print from educational sources outside of the home and I am sure that is what they will learn when they start kindergarten at our local public Montessori charter school, I have chosen to teach them cursive at home. So while Karen's Pink Reading Kit is all print/block letters, I have been adapting it to all be cursive for our home preschool use. It does require more work on my behalf, but I feel the effort is worth it since I want my children to be able to read old documents from the pre-computer age. I feel it is one more skill set that will give them an advantage over their peers since many elementary schools are no longer teaching cursive writing. Plus, somebody has to be able to read cursive to transcribe all those family history documents!

I am AMAZED at how much young children really can understand at such a young age if we just give them the opportunity to do so!


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