My Review of The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle

I have been privileged to be part of a book launch team for The Child Whisperer by Carol Tuttle ( As part of being on the launch team, I received a copy of the book about a month ago so I could review it and share it with others in time for its release date, which was two weeks ago on 23 October 2012.

My posts about dressing my children in a manner that supports their nature has been part of my effort to get the word out that this is information is real and real useful!

The Child Whisperer is not a one-size fits all type of parenting book, rather it is a handbook to understanding the four types of children (and adults) there are this earth: the Fun Loving Child, the Sensitive Child, the Determined Child and the More Serious Child. Carol gives GREAT insights into each type of child regarding their needs at each point along the way to adulthood. I have to say that within my own little family (husband, myself, and our two children), this book is SPOT on accurate about each of us since we are each type. I was a fun-loving child, my husband was the more serious child, our son is a sensitive child and our daughter is a determined child. I've had a couple of friends who were skeptical at first, but after reading it they were AMAZED at how accurate this information was for themselves and their families as well as for how intuitive it is!

The four types of children (and people) are best described this way:

The Fun Loving Child relates socially.
The Sensitive Child relates emotionally.
The Determined Child relates physically.
The More Serious Child relates intellectually.

Carol teaches in the book ways that we can support our children in living true to their natural movement rather then shaming them for who they really are with our negative judgments of them.

I have already seen success with understanding my type and also what each of my children's types are. Since my son is the Sensitive child, he is ALL about feeling comfortable and making sure everyone else is comfortable. Part of the Sensitive Child's comfort comes from knowing what to expect next - they really do well with schedules. However, I am the Fun-Loving Child and I do NOT do well with a rigid schedule or too much structure. What I realized is that my son and I could make up a schedule of what each day will look like for HIM and not necessarily me. This gives him understanding of what to expect each day and what he needs to do every morning (eat breakfast, get dressed, make his bed, practice his piano songs, and read) before we do anything else but it gives ME the flexibility I need. And guess what.... for the first time in the last year since I first started trying to do preschool with him at home we actually ARE doing it because he reminds me of what we put on the schedule so it doesn't feel overly structured or too rigid for me. AND it is not a struggle to get him to practice the piano every day so we are actually making progress through the book! Now that we have successfully been following his schedule most every day I am going to add in their times for us to work with whatever material he wants to use.

As far as my 2 year old daughter goes, I understand better how her movement and how I need to provide more physical activities for her to run around, go exploring and make a mess (preferably outside and not in my house!) Most of all it is definitely helping me to remove negative judgments I may have had towards my children because now I understand that this is their natural movement and who am I to tell them they shouldn't be them? It definitely has put into perspective for me the questions above about what is my child's "bad" behavior really about: are they sending me a message or trying to get my attention? Is their movement just different then mine? etc.

And these are just TWO examples of how my view of "parenting" has shifted over the last month. I've had MANY more incidences with my children and other children I've interacted with as have my friends who have since read the book (and were not part of the launch team). Not only that, but my perspective on how many "learning disabilities" there are has shifted .I realized after reading The Child Whisperer that absolutely NOTHING is wrong with the child whose "learning disability" is actually their natural gift and talent! For example, "the child who takes EVERYTHING literally" is really the More Serious Child and nothing is wrong with how they see the world because their gift in life is to perfect the world. They are the ones who help us (if we let them) learn how to do things more efficiently in life. They see ways in which we can do better. There is NOTHING wrong with the movement and tendencies of the More Serious Child.

Tomorrow, Monday the 5th November is the LAST day the $317 in bonuses will be offered for purchasing the book. You'll always be able to purchase the book, but the bonuses go away at midnight tomorrow. The bonuses include: audio and e-book editions of the book, The Better Parenting Webinar, and the How to Profile Babies, Children and Teenagers video series (in which you'll be able to see me with Tips Jr. and Miss Tips in the "Type 2 son, Type 3 daughter" video).

To receive your bonuses, simply order your copy of The Child Whisperer, The Ultimate Handbook for Raising Happy, Successful, and Cooperative Children on, forward your receipt to and within minutes you'll be able to start reading the book on your computer/book reader/smart phone, or listening to it on audio while you wait for your physical copy to arrive.

As a fellow parent stated after reading this book, "I just threw out all my other parenting books."


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