Happy Anniversary Tips!

Today is my 8 year wedding anniversary. I am SO incredibly thankful to have Marc (Tips) in my life. He understands me, he accepts me and he loves me unconditionally. It is almost impossible to remember what my life was like before he came into my life 11 years ago. People thought we were weird/crazy when we would describe each other as "my best friend I haven't met in person yet" during our three years of letter and e-mail correspondence, and yet he HAS been my best friend. I felt an immediate connection when I read his first e-mail to me, like I knew him before this life (per my religious beliefs that indicates I knew him in heaven before we came to earth at our births).

Here is a video slide show I put together earlier this year but am just now publishing (with some updated photos and captions on some of the photos). I hope you enjoy sharing in a little bit of our happiness with us today.


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