My Natural Gifts and Talents

Part of the Energy Profiling (EP) and Dressing Your Truth (DYT) experience is that now that I understand my nature as a Type 1, it is much easier for me to "own" EVERYTHING that makes up my unique personality. Because let's face it, there is no one else in the world quite like me. ;)

For those who have only read small bits and pieces of what Energy Profiling and Dressing Your Truth are, I want to share a part of my experience with you so I will begin by sharing a few excerpts from the book Dressing Your Truth, Discover Your Personal Beauty Profile, by Carol Tuttle. 

From pages 51-53

Type 1s initiate the cycle of wholeness by coming up with new
ideas and the inspiration and the hope of making them come true.
If you were to put this into a phrase, the Type 1 phrase would be,
“I have a new idea, and we can do it.”
You truly do believe in the possibility of all your ideas. You can
expect that you will produce more ideas than you will ever be able
to accomplish. At the time the idea or impulse of a new possibility
comes to you, you believe in it at the same moment it hits you.
readily express your ideas in a way that enables you to see others
believing in them and the idea.
Ideas come easily and readily to you. 
Challenge: Because new ideas, events and people distract you
easily, you have a tendency to not always follow through. Others
may experience you as false, unbelievable, and not to be taken
From pages 56-57

Your thoughts and feelings are quick and spontaneous. You process
information so quickly that others can perceive you as not thinking
things through. You know quickly what is right for you. 

Because Type 1s think things through quickly, they can appear
to others to not take things seriously. To the rest of us it appears
you would need to take more time to think it through, but with the
radiant, light, brilliant movement you are supported with, you do
It is common for Type 1s to feel they have to slow their energy
down and change who they are to be taken seriously by others.

If you are a Type 1, you organize things quickly in your mind,
but you may look disorganized to others.
This is because both your
movement and your approach to life is more random. 

Challenge: Because you readily see what doesn’t exist physically
and express your belief in it, you can attract disbelief from
others, which can cause you to doubt your own inspiration.

Challenge: Your high level of belief can cause you to be gullible
and appear na├»ve to others. 

 Everything I bolded and italicized are phrases I resonated with due to life experiences I have had. Previously I haven't accepted the parts of myself others judged to be negative. Because I haven't accepted those parts of myself I haven't completely respected myself. This lack of self-respect has in turn led to various experiences of me groveling for others to forgive me which in turn only led them to lose even more respect for me. 

It has been SO liberating to realize that all the negative judgments others have had towards me is not because there is something inherently wrong with me, it is merely because they have a different movement and since they do not understand the various movements (energy profiling) they judge mine as being "bad" rather then viewing these traits as gifts. 

But the tide is changing. Soon there will be an entire generation of parents who are raising their children to live true to their natures. There are many of the current generation of children who will grow up understanding their true nature and how they can best navigate their way through life so that they do not have as many self-doubts as us, their predecessors, have had about ourselves. They will give no heed to the negative judgments of others and soon, the self-help industry will be no more thanks to Carol Tuttle's latest book, 
The Child Whisperer, The Ultimate Handbook for Raising Happy, Successful, and Cooperative Children.


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