Dressing Your Truth: Tips Jr.

If there is one thing I can tell you that interests Tips Jr. right now, it is pirates! 

And that he appreciates his sleep. If he is tired, he will either fall asleep wherever he is OR if he has a brand new pair of pajamas he will go change into his pajamas in the middle of the day and climb into bed for his nap. The lighting is only slightly different in these two pictures, but it was the SAME photographer (me) with the SAME camera (our point and shoot Canon) but about 3-1/2 months apart. Which for comparison is better as opposed to photos of Miss Tips since they change so much the first few years anyway!

Now removing any judgments you may have about how uncomfortable he must be sleeping on the computer chair (which he obviously wasn't or he wouldn't have fallen asleep since Type 2s HIGHLY value comfort in their lives above all else), what else do you see? I see washed out skin when he is wearing the black shirt on a black background on the left side of the screen which is VERY different from the picture on the right of him in his new Type 2 pirate pajamas (deliberately bought to replace the Type 4 black pirate shirt) where his skin looks healthy and vibrant (remind you of his father?). If you ever wonder why someone might look washed out in real life or in photographs, it is probably because they are not wearing the right color for their type!

I bought this vest suit and shirt for Tips Jr. when I believed he was a Type 1 like myself. It wasn't until I attended the Baby and Child Profiling Seminar in June 2012 that I learned that my little boy was NOT a Type 1, instead he is a Type 2 with a secondary 1.

In the above photo I see a forced expression, like even though he is a happy child and having fun, he is trying to be someone he is not. Anne Tuttle Brown (Carol's daughter and also a Type 2), has a similar expression on her face when she dressed as a Type 1.

In the photo below he is very relaxed, content and he ALSO has a look of self-confidence and self acceptance like his younger sister developed after we began supporting our children to live true to their natural movement throughout life rather than try to conform to us, our expectations or our level of movement!

The daily reminder of my son when he dresses his truth is that he is a sensitive, soft child who values comfort in his life. He wants to be comfortable and he wants everyone else to be comfortable, both physically and emotionally. Dressing him true to his Type 2 nature reminds ME everyday that this is a little boy, who of all the four types is the least likely to recover from an angry outburst on my part, deserves to be respected and loved for who he is rather than my lofty expectations I may have had for him. It has been easier since learning about Dressing Your Truth, Energy Profiling and implementing it into our family life for me to be truly conscious and aware of the very REAL needs my two very different children have. I know now, from reading The Child Whisperer, that while my Determined Daughter will respond very well to me pushing her to excel in anything she is or may be interested in since she likes a challenge, my Sensitive Son needs to take life at his own speed and on his own schedule. 

As I was listening to Carol's Better Parenting blogradio show the other day, "What is a Child Whisperer?", I related to the analogy she gave about growing lawns because both our front and back lawns are from seed. She said (paraphrased), "When you grow your lawn it takes a lot of work and diligence in the care and maintenance of it, but you don't have to tell/instruct/inform your lawn how to be a lawn and you don't have to tell grass seeds how to grow into a lawn. You don't have to because EVERYTHING that seed needs to know on how to be a blade of grass is encoded in its DNA and it knows it at the molecular level. We only have to care and nurture the lawn so that it has everything it needs from us to fulfill its purpose to just be grass."

It is so true, our children come to earth with everything they need to just be themselves. We only need to care and nurture them so that they will become the best they can be (a healthy green lawn) and not a shell of what they could be (a yellowed and burnt lawn that is never watered, fertilized or aerated). It is easier to understand their needs if we understand their movement and how to best support them in being themselves.


Davina said…
This is fantastic!There is such a difference in the pictures of your son. I especially appreciate the quote you gave from Carol. It sounds like that particular show was awesome. I'm going to check it out. Kudos to you for nurturing your children so well! :)

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