Dressing Your Truth: Little Miss Tips

The Child Whisperer book by Carol Tuttle has solidified my enthusiasm for Energy Profiling and the Dressing Your Truth program. As I mentioned yesterday, Tips is such a good sport he supported me in purchasing all four programs since we have all four types in our family. We bought our courses in April and then purchased the kids' courses in June. I want to briefly share with you how even just understanding my children's nature and attempting to dress them in their truth to support them has REALLY helped me as a parent and my relationship with my children.

Ladies first!

 This picture of Miss Tips was taken in March before I ever heard of DYT or EP when we were at Disneyland with my sister. It shouldn't be surprising that I most often have dressed my children in type 1 colors and clothing since I am a type 1 and most children's clothing is type 1 clothing.

 This picture of the kids was taken on Easter. I bought this dress for Miss Tips when I was still pregnant with her a full 2 years before I even knew about DYT and before she could even wear it. It screams "TYPE 1!!!" since it is a white dress with bright flowers and polk-a-dots in type 1 colors all over it.

I don't think that the difference in the first two pictures of Miss Tips NOT dressing her truth or the picture below of her dressing her truth is as simple as "well you had an amazing professional photographer with an awesome camera taking a picture of your daughter". While she is definitely a happy child in the Easter picture, she does not portray the confidence you see in the picture below. This is a little girl who at 22 months of age (at the time the picture was taken) and only 3 months after the Easter picture was taken (which was 3 months of me understanding her nature and doing all I could to support her in her natural movement rather then suppress it, judge it or try to change it), she exuberating a level of self confidence you don't even see in most adults.

Understanding my daughter's determined, forward pushing movement for the last 6 months has helped me TREMENDOUSLY! I no longer judge her for getting into things or for being so determined to get what she wants. I will not crush her determined spirit by making her feel shame for being herself. I am more accepting of the fact that she will be very vocal and opinionated if things don't go her way. Being aware of the challenges Type 3s face, I am better equipped to help my daughter navigate life in the most supportive manner and fashion. Dressing my daughter in colors and clothing that supports her natural movement is a daily, visual reminder of the gifts my determined, go-getter daughter brings to our family and the world. And I am thankful.


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