Dressing Your Truth for Men: Tips

I'm so happy the Spread the Love campaign for Dressing Your Truth was such a success. Coming spring of 2013 is the Dressing Your Truth for Men courses!

Tips is a great sport. In fact, he is SUCH a great sport that he supported me in purchasing Dressing Your Truth courses for EACH member of our family, even though the courses were directed towards women. So I have been trying to take the main principles that are given for the Type 4 woman and adapting it to suit my man better.

We haven't overhauled his wardrobe quite as intensely as we have mine since perfect Type 4 clothing is not as readily available at thrift stores type 1, 2 and 3 clothing is. Type 4 clothing needs to be SATURATED, pure hues so no tints,tones, or shades. For anyone who has been to a thrift store, you know how most clothing there is somewhat faded and that is not going to work for a Type 4 at all. So instead we are gradually replacing it by shopping at retailers like TJ Maxx and Ross.

I decided that aside from his Sunday clothing (white shirt, black pants and a bold colored tie) which was already pretty much set up for a Type 4, I would instead focus on T-shirts since that is something he is running low on anyway so he is letting me replace his non-Type 4 t-shirts with type 4 t-shirts.

In these first two pictures he is definitely not wearing the color or style of shirt that is consistent with his DYT course. The grey shirt in picture #1 is more conducive to a Type 1 with the heather grey or a Type 2 since the logo is a muted, navy blue. In picture #2 the wheat - golden color is too dirty for a Type 4.
Picture #1

Picture #2

 So instead we move to picture #3 where even in the shade with me not giving him enough time to smile for the camera, Tips still looks much better in his bold, red and white striped shirt with a v neck. He makes a statement which is in perfect harmony with how he moves through life. And while some in the family have expressed doubts as to his new wardrobe choices (he hasn't had me return a shirt yet), I personally think his skin looks more vibrant in the bold Type 4 colors. When he wears the type 2 or type 3 colors (as he has most of his life), it washes out his skin color. I didn't even realize that until we got him his first couple of T4 t-shirts and I could see the difference!
Picture #3

I would have used professional family photos like the ones we had taken this summer but since Tips usually wears a white shirt & dark slacks & a tie for our family photos, those kinds of photos really wouldn't have worked as a good comparable "before" and "after" photos. Hopefully these suffice instead!

Now onto a little side note. Type 4s are bold, striking people. They are often very intimidating to the rest of us and so for many people, they don't feel comfortable approaching a Type 4 person. Many Type 4s have then dressed down to be more approachable by wearing the colors in the other palettes like the Type 1 tints, the Type 2 tones or the Type 3 shades thinking it will make them more approachable to others. Then an individual comes along and actually does initiate contact with the T4 person and since it wasn't on the T4's terms, the T4 often ends up coming across as "anti-social" and stiff, cool or snobby. 

However, when they are dressing their truth and are making a bold statement through their appearance, we all get the subconscious clue to not approach that person (and instead we then often make our judgments about the individual thinking they are better then the rest of us). Then when the Type 4 initiates contact with another person, the T4 comes across as really friendly, sociable and likeable because they were the ones to initiate it to begin with and it was all on their own terms.

Tips lamented to me in our last residence that it always took him a long time to make friends at church. Now that he is aware of his movement and how he comes across to others when he dresses in non-Type 4 clothing, he has chosen to consistently wear Type 4 clothing to church and having more positive interactions with the other members of our local ward (congregation).

Now to add in a plug for Carol Tuttle's latest book, there is only 5 days left until it is released! I am on the launch team so I was able to read an advance copy of the book and have recently finished it. It is AMAZING!!! By understanding the true nature of my children and how they move through life, I am better equipped to use my mother's intuition to really support them and nature them true to their nature. We joke that babies don't come with a handbook. Well, they do - we just need to understand how to read their personal handbook that will guide us through our lives as parents.


John Gibbs said…
Have you gotten to pants yet? I am a Type 4 man and trying to revamp my wardrobe to be more type 4. I have found shirts that fit Type 4 put I am not sure what to do for pants. Especially for work when jeans are not acceptable, but I don't need to wear a suit. I used to wear tan or grey khakis, but those colors are out. I don't want to wear only black or navy, but I am not comfortable with the idea of wearing red pants.
MrsTips said…
I haven't yet. I am waiting for the Dressing Your Truth for Men Course which will be out by Father's Day of THIS year (2013). My husband can wear jeans to his work so we only worry about it when he goes out to visit clients or the clients come into town to visit - and then he wears his black slacks.
Nolan J. Perry said…
Thanks for this! I am a type 4 man, waiting eagerly for the DYT course. I butt heads with my wife a lot when trying to buy my own clothes that she says aren't Type 4 - I feel like I am confined, having to choose either black or some bright colors I feel clownish in. I like browns, tans, etc! As you can tell, I'm still adjusting. Can't wait for the "official" word when the course comes out.

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