Go Through Your Tash (literally)

I wonder at what age children stop putting items in garbage cans? I know this stage comes after the "pull everything out of the trash can" stage, but when does it end?

I used to think my dad was weird for going through EACH trash can in our house before emptying them into the larger trash to take to the curb.

That doesn't seem like such a crazy thing to do anymore with a full-fledged toddler in the house.
Not only did Tips Jr. "help" us when he was about two years old by throwing the remote to our plasma TV away, but he also threw away a toilet training book I had bought (I'm SO glad it wasn't the library's copy I had checked out!)

Now Miss Tips keeps putting things in the garbage, like toys, clothes, and books she reads. Rather then get frustrated with her obviously normal two year old behavior, I am just going to add the "go through the trash" to my personal chore list.


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