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Back in April I learned about Dressing Your Truth  with Carol Tuttle's Energy Profiling system. 

Taken from the FB page here is a summary of what exactly Dressing Your Truth is:

The fashion industry tells you to put beauty on. We say, "Bring your true beauty out!!"

I realized pretty quickly that my dominant type is a Type 1, which is light, buoyant, airy, random, connected then disconnected and radiant.... just to share a few of the descriptive words for my type. 

People have wondered if Dressing Your Truth really makes a difference or not. Just based on the superficial (my appearance) I would say it has made a HUGE difference and that isn't even counting the emotional benefits I've gained from discovering my true energy type!

So does Dressing Your Truth? Here are "before" and "after" pictures so you can judge for yourself if it made a difference for me. Both pictures were taken by professional photographers, so it's NOT the photographers who made the difference, it is that I am dressing my truth!

 Before, taken October 2010. While the pearl necklace and the pink shirt are right for my type, the sweater, earrings (the silver and the oval shapes) and long straight hair are not true to my type.

After, taken July 2012. Curly, random hair (I'm finally working WITH my random hair and not against it!), gold earrings with colors and shapes PERFECT for my type (stars, circles and hearts). The brown shirt is the RIGHT brown for my type (it's my new black) and the teal colored shirt is also a perfect match for the colors that are better for my type.

As far as the emotional benefits gained, I am no longer worrying so much about the judgments others made against me for being true to my random, connected then disconnected or buoyant nature. I used to absorb the negative that others said about me way too much and really internalized it (that is my secondary type 4) and let it weigh me down. I felt I had to change and be what others wanted me to be in order to be accepted and respected by them (it is SO typical for a Type 1s to be "people pleasers" because we want everyone to be HAPPY! My siblings can attest to the fact that I was quite the people pleaser growing up and still tend to be that way. 

Learning my energy type has helped me not only feel more confident in WHO I am and my appearance, but also helped me shed a LOT of negative judgments I used to have about myself. Learning to love and accept yourself COMPLETELY is the first step to learning to love and accept your neighbor.

If you would like to discover your true beauty profile for free, visit dressingyourtruth.com.

If you would like to purchase your type's Dressing Your Truth course, go to this link and purchase it by 30 September to take advantage of the $99 sale (normally the course is $279) AND if you use my code http://MrsTips.dressingyourtruth.com/spreadthelove you will also receive a $20 gift certificate to the Dressing Your Truth store!


Schoenstars said…
you can totally tell the difference, yvonne! except that you were beautiful before, too!!!
Schoenstars said…
you can totally tell the difference between the two pictures! of course, you've always been beautiful, yvonne!!!
Clair said…
Great report on your DYT experience :)

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