Artist Richard Russell

I went to a baby shower for Tips' cousin on Saturday. After the shower, his aunt showed me and my two sisters-in-law a giclee print on canvas for her son's painting, "Through Quiet Meadows".

She then took us into the formal living room and showed us the original oil painting of "If I Perish, I Perish Esther 4:16" and my jaw about hit the floor. It is GORGEOUS and I am disappointed it isn't yet available to buy.

Richard (or Rick as I've known him for the last 8 years), has an exhibit at the Shakesperan Festival in Cedar City, Utah through October, but for the next 29 days he has a Kickstarter project you can buy his prints from. You can read all about on his blog:

He is SO incredibly talented and I told Tips that we definitely need to purchase one of his prints for our home as our next major art purchase. 


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