Day 7: You CAN Ignore the Negative Voices

Sometimes we think negative things about ourselves... or so we think. In reality, EVERY negative thought you've ever had about yourself came from outside of yourself. Your spirit and your Higher Power are NOT the ones who are trying to drag you down with despair, discouragement and negativity - in Kirk Duncan's words, those are the "dot people" and YOU have the choice to either listen to and believe the dot people or to ignore them and persevere in your goal.

A thought I had after recording this video a thought I wished I had specifically covered but didn't was to point out that it is the negative voices who really try to discourage us from reaching ANY worthy goal we have made for ourselves, whether it is to lose weight, learn to play a difficult piece on a musical instrument, to stop criticizing others or to stop watching so much TV/wasting time on the internet, go to bed early, exercise, etc. I have found from personal experience that regardless of whatever the goal may be they ALWAYS use the SAME reasoning, "You've already missed a day of practice/going to bed early/exercising/etc - you may as well give up. You'll never reach your goal anyway."


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