Day 6: Chicken to the Veterinarian

Changing topics a bit, I'm sharing something I learned today as a backyard chicken owner and our first veterinarian visit.

Updated 3/20/2013: Sad news.... our chicken Rosa passed away October 2013 as the days were getting shorter and colder. I found her body in the coop and the other chicken was in her nest next to Rosa - but Mumba, our other chicken, lasted all winter without any signs of having the same respiratory infection. I have also since learned that there is something called Oxine AH that will kill fungus, bacteria and viruses in chickens (and other animals). I've read it even will cure Avian Flu in our feathered friends! We gave Mumba away when she didn't respond well to the two new hens we acquired in January - and these hens are very healthy! As soon as our oxine comes in the mail this next week we are going to be hosing out the coop and cleaning it with this stuff - as well as treating our hens with it as a preventative measure.


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