30 Day Video Challenge: Day 1 - Nail Biting

Every day for 30 days I am going to create and upload a video to share something I learned that day that has helped me in my own personal development. I hope that it inspires you in your search to remember who you are and to BE who you were meant to be when you came to earth!

Today I am going to share something I (re)learned today while attending Kirk Duncan's Master of Influence seminar in Salt Lake City. It might seem like a small thing, but as ALL the attendees over the last two days understand, little things really do matter.


Kate said…
Interesting. Luckily I don't bite my nails. Occasionally I do if I accidentally broke one and I don't have access to a nail clipper but I usually wish I didn't have to... Can't wait to watch for the next 30 days, maybe I'll learn a bunch from you!! :)

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