Make Your Own Easter Grass

Two years ago I read an awesome blog post about growing your own Easter grass. "What a great idea," I thought, "I'll do that next year."

The next year came and while I already had grass seed (to seed our lawn), I never got it started in time. Too busy moving into the new house I guess.

The night before Easter was upon us, the kids were in bed and I realized I didn't have any Easter grass for their baskets! What was I going to do? I didn't want to run out and buy any grass because I'm too cheap for that. No, I had a BETTER idea.....

MAKE my own Easter grass with Sunday comics!

It probably helps that I've been saving every Sunday color comics since we first started taking the newspaper. I figured I may as well reuse the comics to wrap birthday presents in rather than buying new giftwrap that is just going to get torn off and thrown away anyway - so I went to my giftwrap stash and pulled out the oldest comics I had. After emptying the paper shredder of its current contents, I started sending my comics through. I probably shredded enough paper for 3 years worth of Easter baskets - so I won't need to do it again this year.

The other great thing about this Easter grass is that I didn't feel guilty one bit about dumping it in the recycle bin after Easter. It got read, it got shredded and used in an Easter basket and now it's probably living a 3rd life in some sort of paper product. But you could use your Easter grass to make your own home made paper or even a paper-mache project this summer!


Kate said…
You know, I have not made my own easter grass, but I did buy a bag of pink paper easter grass about 4 years ago and it is still with us. Not only is there a lot in one bag but I usually grab whatever was in her basket and stick it back in the bag for next year... also, a comment on Easter baskets - this year I only bought Lindt chocolates for her basket, just a few... like the carrots and the bugs, and I was so happy. First, they were delicious, second, she didn't have tons of candy for the next week!

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