Cloth Diapering Mamas Rejoice! Part 1: Remove Ammonia from Diapers

I don't care if you use Charlie's Soap, Rockin' Green, Allen's, your own laundry soap or the free and clear version of national brand laundry detergent.... we ALL get ammonia buildup in our diapers. I've even learned over this past year of having soft water and brand new pocket diapers and inserts I made for my daughter, that it doesn't even matter if you have soft water or hard water.... you will still get ammonia in your diapers!

According to my mother (who diapered 5 of her 6 children in cotton DSQ prefolds with diaper pins and plastic pants), once a child reaches a certain age (usually sometime between 12 and 24), their diet and body changes and so their urine also changes and it literally has ammonia in it. So whether you use natural fabrics or synthetic fabrics for your diapers, chances are your diapers will eventually smell like ammonia because it builds up from your baby's urine - which has ammonia in it! (For some reason ammonia builds up faster in synthetic than in natural fibers - not sure why yet).

Hopefully by now I've established that "Yes, we ALL get ammonia buildup in our diapers!" But don't get frustrated! Let me share my story with you and hopefully it will help you!!! (Of course, if you are already a member of the Cloth Diaper Group on then you will already know about this fabulous diaper ammonia removing tip!)

My ammonia story started almost 2 years ago when Tips Jr. was still in diapers and I was about 4 months pregnant with Miss Tips. He developed an ammonia burn on his foreskin. At the time I didn't know that is what it was, but I was getting VERY frustrated that for at least a month it wasn't getting better - and it didn't matter if I used Betadine or Neosporin or diaper rash cream - it wasn't getting better (later I realized how blessed he was that we chose not to circumcise him since his extra foreskin protected his penis from the actual ammonia burn). I don't know if I can even describe in words just exactly how frustrated and upset I was that he had this sore that looked like it hurt and nothing I did could make it better. I started to make it a matter of daily prayer that his sore would heal or I would know what to do to make it get better.

After praying about this for a week or two, I actually read my babycentercommunity daily digest and saw that there was recent activity on the Cloth Diapering group under "Ammonia is Gone!" post. I went to read it and literally two weeks before one of the members had been in Petco and saw a bottle of TopFin Ammonia Remover and had the thought, "I wonder if that will remove ammonia from my cloth diapers?" So she bought a bottle, brought it home and tried it out. It worked, so she posted about it and a WHOLE bunch of other moms had it work on their diapers too. I went out the NEXT day to buy my own bottle of TopFin Ammonia Remover and went to work that next day of following "BoBella"'s directions.

It worked!!! Not only that, but two days after using the "free-from-ammonia" diapers, my son's ammonia burn cleared up without me putting anything on it like I had been for the previous 4-6 weeks.

So here are BoBella's directions and a link to the original thread Ammonia is gone!:

Posted 06/07/2010
I have developed an ammonia issue in my diapers over the last few weeks. I think I was just going too long between washing (3 days) and stripping with dawn ddnt really help.

So yesterday I was at petsmart buying crickets for my daughters lizards and I saw this bottle of ammonia neutralizer in the fish section. I though, "hey let's try this...why not?"

I did my normal cold rinse, hot wash with detergent, cold rinse cold rinse. Then I did another hot wash with this ammonia neutralizer solution and let them soak for 30 minutes. Then I closed the
lid to my top loader and let the wash cycle run followed by two cold rinses.

My diapers have zero ammonia smell anymore! They smell like nothing, it's amazing. I've used them on my son and there hbe been no skin reactions or stink hiding in the diapers. It's like
brand new diapers! I have no idea what is in this bottle but it doesn't seem to have caused any buildup. Just though Id share! 


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