Life of a pair of women's jeans

REpurposing, REusing, REcycling, UPcycling, making do with what you have.....  4 different words to describe the same idea when it comes to clothing.... especially clothing in my household!

Take this pair of jeans my sister bought me about 5 years ago when I was still working full-time before I got pregnant with Tips Jr..... (and she was working at American Eagle)....

They were darker back then and not so faded and raggedy. But I LOVE them! They are so comfy with the lycra woven in with the cotton to give it just a little bit of stretch to the jeans.

I obviously wear my jeans until they literally can't be worn anymore. Check out my awesome knee patch job on the jeans in the picture to the left!

I decided on Monday, however, that once my jeans get holes in the knees a 2nd time that I won't bother patching them up anymore, I will just repurpose them into bermuda length shorts as evidenced below:

Obviously I haven't washed these shorts since I repurposed them.  But they are comfy and MUCH cooler than wearing full-length jeans in the summer.

Once these jeans get a hole in the butt (notice the hole near the rear pocket in the left-hand side of the picture) I will then turn them into a skirt or pair of shorts for a child as you will see in the next pictures. I am so grateful for Hanna's insistence that I add back pockets and front pockets to the shorts (Hanna is our exchange student from Germany that is with us for 3-1/2 weeks).

Our exchange student insisted that I put pockets on the back AND the front. I think they look pretty good - they just don't have an even coloring. After catching up on Project Runway tonight I am even more committed to going to buy some Rit dye and dying the shorts to all be uniform in color. We'll see how that goes.

In the end I am left with this:

I can remove the zipper to reuse and really, I could use the rest of the fabric as fuel for my Rocket Stove..... hmm..... interesting idea.

Tips Jr. loves his free shorts! I think I am in love with the idea of clothing my children for the cost of Tips and I wearing our clothes first and then upcycling our old clothes into new clothing for our children. Who insists that raising a child has to cost you $250,000 per child? Not me!


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