Garden Fresh Green Smoothie!

Our Victory Garden has been in full production for a couple of months now. Home-grown Romaine lettuce rich in iron makes for a delicious green smoothie! After picking the lettuce I only need to rinse the dirt off it. It is refreshing to know I don't ever have to worry about e-coli on my lettuce since I grow it myself and have much more control over it than if I bought it at the grocery store.

After rinsing the lettuce I pack my Vita-Mix full of lettuce, add enough water to cover the bottom of the canister and then puree it until it is smooth, like so:

Then I add a frozen banana or two (peel the bananas before freezing! I made the mistake of not doing that the first time I made a green smoothie 5 years ago!) and pineapple. Fresh pineapple is the best but 
Tips has gotten more daring than I have and he will add raspberries until it is a dark red - normally when you add red fruit it turns the green smoothie into a 'brown' smoothie which doesn't look as appetizing as a green smoothie - but by adding enough raspberries to turn it a dark red, it tastes and looks delicious!

This time around we stuck with a traditional green smoothie for our dinner. 

Yummy! It was a hit with Tips Jr and of course I love my green smoothies!


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