Wedding sewing

Per comments I've made on Facebook - I'm now going to show you all the other reason I haven't been posting as often over the last couple of weeks (aside from the madness I call my garden and yard!)


Baby girl dresses for my sister-in-law's wedding this September. Her colors are red, white and black and me being the type of person that offers to do much more than she ought to... I offered to make matching red dresses for Miss Tips and my niece. I've had the bodices done for a couple of weeks but it was this last week when I got so frustrated with my garden and the aphid infestation that I decided to work on the baby girl dresses that night and got everything you see below done that night (Wednesday night to be exact). Plus, I had it in mind all along that I would finish these dresses by 4th July (America's Independence Day) so that Miss Tips could wear her dress to match her brother and daddy wearing their matching red ties (also made for the wedding and also made from the same fabric).
Tips Jr. in the first tie I ever made!

Thursday morning I sewed the buttonholes and then sewed the buttons on and heading to JoAnn's to buy some white grosgrain ribbon for the trim on the hem. At first I couldn't decide between the 3/8" ribbon (as the pattern called for) or the 5/8" ribbon. I obviously went with the 5/8" ribbon and I am so glad I did. Friday morning I sewed the ribbon on both dresses (but forgot to take a picture of them next to each other - guess you'll have to wait until September to see them next to each other). I love the bold white across the hem! Sooooo cute!!!!

For those who are interested, I used Simplicity pattern 4711 dress A and SewClassics Linen Look in Amaretto Red from JoAnn's - although we omitted the applique on the bodice front per the bride's request and I used piping in the bodice/skirt seam rather than just sewing the seam and then sewing ribbon over the seam as the pattern directs you to do. I felt that since I was sewing piping on the arms and neck to finish them, then I may as well do piping in the bodice/skirt seam.

My goal for this weekend is to finish pressing, forming and hand-stitching the other 5 ties (2 are already pressed, formed and pinned and just waiting to be sewn) for the little boys.

Then next week I can begin on MY skirt for the wedding.

But before I forget, here's a picture of little Miss Tips in her dress. All that is missing is the big red gerber daisy hair clip that my other sister-in-law is going to make for the baby girls.


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