Victory Garden 2011: 7/12-7/17

Now that it's been 11 days since I last took pictures of my garden, I'm finally getting them up. That's what happens when you are trying to finish sewing an American Girl doll dress for your niece's birthday present AND get your house ready for your German exchange student (she arrived today!)

So here's the update on the garden, and I'll make sure I take new pictures tomorrow and write an updated blog on what's been cooking (literally) this last week!

This is the view I see everyday when I come out of my front door. Now that the garden is thriving so well I don't mind that the rest of the yard looks so barren. At least now we can start focusing on the rest of the landscaping and start thinking about our fall and winter garden. 

My sunflowers are doing a LOT better now that some grasshopper (or whatever it was) isn't chomping on them as seedlings! I did transplant them a few days after I took this picture - so they are doing even BETTER now that they are in the ground!

Here's the zucchini plant doing very nicely! I forgot that zucchini don't vine like pumpkin and other squashes do!

The spaghetti squash plants. 

Our pole bean plants and trellis. We rigged this trellis up with some PVC pipe, 2 rebars, twine and floral wire the night before I took the picture. We already had the two lengths of PVC pipe for the height and the twine - so the total amount we had to spend on the rest of the trellis was maybe $7.

 And our peas! I can not tell you how happy I am that these actually are producing in mid-July!
The first pod of the year! Picked on 17 July 2011.

Tips Jr. eats these like candy and asks for peas everyday! Of course he won't eat them cooked, but he will eat them fresh out of the garden any time of the day. Just another reason why we have a garden.

 See how excited he is for his peas!?!

The tomatoes are doing fabulous - even the one on the far left is recovering from the battle with the aphids!
The tomato plants still have some distorted leaves - so I'll need to ask Jim Kennard what is wrong with these plants. 

 The first tomato of the year... I've been watching it closely since I first noticed it forming. I can't wait to eat it!!!

The bush beans are doing really well. 

  For example, I've never had bush bean plants with leaves THIS large! They are larger than my hand!

The largest cantaloupe plant is starting to vine out!

Our romaine lettuce. Green smoothie season is upon us friends!

The strawberry plants are sending out shoots - we will have a VERY full bed next year!

 Obviously we've been eating the strawberries as they have ripened. They are so delicious! Store-bought strawberries can not hold a candle to home-grown, ripe on the plant strawberries!

 This poor little plant was drying out and I realized that it's root ball had gotten exposed to be above the ground. So I dug it out and replanted it a few inches deeper. The rest of the plant died but I've left it alone (save watering and fertilizing it) and I'll take a picture tomorrow of the new growth on it!


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