Victory Garden 2011: 7/1-7/11

You know, I really thought I was going to get around to blogging about my garden every single week.... but it hasn't panned out that way exactly, has it? On the upside, updating it every 10-14 days shows an enormous amount of growth! 
Check out my corn plants (I took all these pictures tonight in the dark)!
The week before the 4th July they were up to my knees. Last Tuesday it was up to my thigh and less than a week later it is up to my chest/shoulders! (I'm about 5'4") It must be the unusual summer rainfall and subsequent humidity we are experiencing in Utah right now combined with the warmth. This spring and summer have been unusually cool and wet.... I know 98 degrees is still hot but it actually cools down at night right now but it feels a bit more muggy than is standard for the arid desert Utah normally is.

My plants probably enjoy getting their Mittleider Magic weekly feed every week! 1/2 oz per running foot! No harsh chemical fertilizers here, only 14 of the essential nutrients ALL plants all over the world need and in a completely water-soluble form so that when you water your plants it gradually dissolves the fertilizer and takes it down to the roots every-time it is watered.

Ideally the Mittleider Method uses a modified drip irrigation system, but with the purchase of a new house and all the accompany expenses that incurred, hand watering with the flood irrigation system of each trench/row seems to work well.
As I stated last week, my plants are thriving now that I am finally giving them enough water! Too bad I didn't do it earlier so that more of my pea plants would have survived the increase in temperature. 

At least I have some pea pods forming!!!!

I JUST decided as I've been typing that I will plant carrot seeds in between all the sparse areas of my garden so that I have food to donate to the local food bank. "Grow a Row for the Hungry" is a program that I know Territorial Seed Catalog supports as they sent me a packet of carrot seeds with my order a year ago - I never did plant carrots last year, but the seeds seem to be pretty good seeds! I re-seeded my carrot row (after realizing most of my carrots probably didn't come up because I didn't keep them watered enough) and they had sprouted when we returned from our weekend at the cabin! Much earlier than I expected!
(The larger carrot tops are from my first planting, so if you can see the grass-looking seedlings, those are the 2nd round of carrots)
 Our strawberry plants are doing well - as you can see they have sent off runners and the first 3 strawberries we have harvested have been so juicy and sweet... so delicious! MUCH more flavor than store-bought strawberries that have to be picked before they are fully ripe on the vine.

This poor little pumpkin plant is not growing so well.... perhaps I should have realized it was going to be quite shady where I planted it - and that the aspen trees would probably suck up more of the nutrients in the soil than the little pumpkin plant could.... but I guess when you are still in the 1st year of living in your house you don't quite know all the ins and outs of it, right? Maybe I'll give the aspen trees a couple of the fertilizer stakes I bought for the peach trees and see if that helps the pumpkin plant get enough of the nutrients/minerals it needs.

 My other 2 pumpkin plants on the west side of our lot are doing quite well! They definitely get a lot of sun and no nearby vampire trees to suck away the soil nutrients.

My sister-in-law should be very happy that the zucchini plant I planted especially for her is doing so well!

Next up... the new spaghetti squash plants I replanted from seed after realizing that I should stop being a 5 year old trying to see if my seeds are growing by digging them up!

The bush beans have regained some ground! I bought a bottle of ready to use insecticidal soap at the nursery the morning we were heading up to the cabin, so I didn't get a chance to spray them for aphids until last Monday - and even then I only had enough to spray one of these half-rows of beans. I thought I would see what the difference is and I can't even remember which one I sprayed and which one I didn't. Eek! Guess I'll just have to go buy more concentrate and respray BOTH rows this week! The plants are flowering and I am guessing we'll have beans ready to pick within the next two weeks.

Unfortunately it looks like I'll need to reapply straight potash to my bean plants to help make up for the potassium deficiency they are still obviously struggling from:

Speaking of beans... my pole beans sprouted over the holiday weekend and seem to be doing really well. I told Tips that we need to get a trellis up for them THIS week! Looks like a shopping trip to Home Depot down the street is in order for this week!

The tomatoes seem to be rebounding from the aphids - even my little plant on the end is starting to recover, which I am very happy about since it looked like it was going to lie over and die on us last week!

I even have a tomato forming already!!!

And in other garden news, my sunflower seeds have sprouted much faster in the little potting soil and seedling starter thing than direct sowing did to them. I'm just waiting until they are a little bit bigger to transplant them so that bugs don't think they are a tasty treat just for them! Perhaps it was a caterpillar who chomped off the stem of my first sunflower seedlings!

I forgot to take a picture of the entire garden - but I'll add it on after I take one in the morning (it's midnight as I write this - so later today I'll get a picture up of the entire garden!


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