Hoover Scrub Spin Steam Vac doesn't suck (in the literal sense of the word)

I'm cleaning my carpet today to get ready for our exchange student's arrival tomorrow. I got 2-1/2 rooms cleaned and then had to refill the tank and empty the return tank. I put it all back together, and went on my merry way.... but wait! It's not sucking up any of the water!

After trying all the trouble-shooting problems in the user manual and searching online and trying those different tips to no avail, I finally checked to see if there was a blockage on the bottom (rather than in the tool on the end of the hose as the user manual suggests), I found a wad of hair. Whaaaat???? How on earth did my regular vacuum miss that much hair?

The other bizarre thing is that it wasn't even blocking anything, it probably just made it so the two brushes it was in between couldn't rotate - which in turn probably made it so the machine automatically wouldn't suck up anything.

I removed the wad of hair and now my carpet cleaner sucks once again (sucks in the literal, good sense of the word). Simple. Easy. Success!


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