Cookies and Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer

A couple of months ago after making cookie dough one Sunday afternoon, Tips put our burnished beater blade in the dishwasher. We didn't realize it would take the finish off of it until after I was emptying the dishwasher and noticed it was missing its finish. Then I looked it up and it specifically tells you to wash by hand. I've had my Kitchen-Aid mixer for 5 years and this was never a concern because we never had a dishwasher - but now we have one and now we've already ruined something that wasn't supposed to go in the dishwasher. 

But not to fear readers! Anytime something 'bad' happens there is always a way for improvement or even the idea that something better will come about! 
When I e-mailed Tips at work that Monday and told him about the finish coming off of the beater blade and that I looked it up on Kitchen-Aid's website and it says that the burnished beater blade is NOT dishwasher safe his exact words were,

Alright let’s find one that is dishwasher safe.

So I searched and I found one that is not only dishwasher safe, but also scrapes the sides and bottom of the Kitchen-Aid bowl! WIN!

Fellow Kitchen-Aid users know that the beater blade that comes with your Kitchen-Aid doesn't fully mix in the ingredients on the sides and bottom of the bowl. I've known one or two people who actually sold or traded in their Kitchen-Aid for a Bosch mixer so that their doughs and batters could finally be thoroughly mixed! When I saw that this beater blade was only about $25 for my Kitchen-Aid, I knew we needed to get it! It didn't take long for Tips to jump on board either.

I have nothing but praises for it! It works and it thoroughly does its job of scraping the sides and bottom of your Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer bowl AND it is definitely dishwasher safe! 

Check out this dough and how well it mixed in all the ingredients! No flour stuck on the bottom of the bowl. So very pleased with this purchase!

FYI: the exact beater blade we bought was the: New Metro Design Beater Blade for KitchenAid 6-Quart & 5-Plus Mixers for about $25 on


Bonnie said…
That is such a bummer!! My beater is just stainless steel with no coating. You'll have to try one of those instead. But I'm all about Sunday cookies. :)
Krystal said…
WIN! I hate making cookies because of that leftover flour on the bottom. And it sometimes beats my chocolate chips to dust.

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