Baby Gear: Baby Bjorn Bib, Bumbo and Boon

 Baby gear.... for some new mothers they think they need to get everything that is suggested on the baby registry. Other mothers want to keep simple either out of necessity (poor college student perhaps?) or out of respect to the environment. As a first time mother I wanted to keep it simple out of necessity - I didn't have very much money. This time around though, I've realized some items that I think are SUPER helpful for moms... especially moms that already have one older child like I do!

 The first one up is the Bumbo, out of South Africa! My sister-in-law had this for my niece when Tips Jr. was born and although I thought, "That seems nice," I also thought, "I can't afford that yet." When Miss Tips came around almost 3 years later though, I realized there would probably be some used ones out there on or on our local newspaper online classifieds. Sure enough, there was one for $25 when I looked in January. I called the woman up and went and bought it. I thought saving $15 was a good deal, especially since it was in really good shape! Then I bought two $50 vouchers from (and only paid $45!) - so since sells Bumbos, I bought the Bumbo tray as part of my first order.

We LOVE both the Bumbo and the tray! We haven't used the Fischer Price 3-in-1 booster chair once since she's been born since the Bumbo is much more comfortable for Miss Tips and just as convenient.

Plus, I don't have to have it strapped onto a kitchen chair all the time. It's much more convenient for me to put the Bumbo on the counter or the table and sit right in front of Miss Tips and feed her. Granted that goes against the suggested uses of the Bumbo - but if I am right in front of her feeding her and she tries to squirm out of her Bumbo (which she HAS done on the kitchen counter/bar before and it was a good thing I was so close to catch her before she rolled/crawled off the counter!) then  I can prevent her from falling.

Bumbo Safety Tip... do not EVER leave a baby unattended in a Bumbo! Because they can and DO squirm out of it! Even with the tray on it!!!! The other thing babies can do if they are on a slick surface (kitchen floor, table, counter) in a Bumbo is to push it with their feet. Miss Tips has completely turned her Bumbo around when she's been on the counter in it AND she's pushed her chair a couple of feet (before I kept an eagle eye on her - now I get ALL food and feeding utensils out for her before I put her on the Bumbo so I don't ever turn my back on her!). So again.... DO NOT EVER LEAVE A BABY UNATTENDED IN A BUMBO IF YOU PLACE IT ON A COUNTER OR TABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm sure a high chair is the equivalent of being at eye level with your baby when you feed them, but we didn't have room in our apartment and we don't have floor space in our new kitchen for a highchair. So the Bumbo is what we use.

Anyway, we love it and so does Miss Tips! She's almost too big for it so it will be going into storage until we have baby #3 (no announcements here).

Next up is the Baby Bjorn bib! I received it as a baby shower present from my friend Shannon. I seriously need to give away all the other bibs I have and just buy one or two more of these bibs! It catches all the food and it is so easy to clean and so durable! No laminated fabric falling apart on this baby! I also love how easy it is to adjust the neck to fit the baby. Shannon said her oldest son used it until he was about 3! We'll see how long Miss Tips uses it!

Boon Squirt Baby Food Dispensing Spoon, TangerineLast up, which I don't have my own picture of, is Boon's Squirt spoon! My friend Nadia has one of these and she would feed her son baby food in church with this. I decided that when I had baby #2 I was definitely going to get one of these! It is awesome for when you are out and about! You just prepack it with babyfood and then when it's time to feed baby you take off the spoon cover, squeeze some food into the spoon and feed it. Some reviews I've read of it talk about how the food doesn't necessarily come out very easily, but my experience with that has been when I've made the liquidy baby food too thick with baby cereal - then the spoon will sometimes fave a 'fart' when an air bubble comes out and food will literally squirt everywhere. Overall though, sometimes it's so handy we use it at home too!

That's my baby gear review today. I have one coming up on Ergobaby Carriers, but I like the alliteration with this post. :)


Thank you for your great review of the Bumbo seat, we're so glad you like it! We want to remind your readers that the Bumbo should only be used on a ground level and never, ever on an elevated surface or in the water.
Angela Jackson said…
I love those type of bibs, they worked well for me. I just love how fast my cleaning up is. The baby just looks good on it too.

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