Victory Garden 2011: week of 5/30-6/5

I guess I should share what we are doing for our garden this year. In past years I have tried the Square Foot Gardening and it didn't work as well as I anticipated it would. Plus, buying all the soil for the boxes was a bit expensive. We just bought a house that needs a lot of TLC on the outside so don't have the money for soil. Plus, as my mom has explained more to me about the Mittleider method, it just makes so much sense! Give the plants the exact minerals they need and they will be healthy, produce a lot and be more nutritious for you than the produce you buy in the store! Plus, it doesn't matter what kind of soil you have and you don't have to add anything to the soil - just use the fertilizer mix and you are good to go. Heck, you can even use SAWDUST as your growing medium - and as long as you water it everyday and fertilize it once a week, you are good to go!

You can learn more about the Mittleider Method at It is a blend of hydroponics and organic gardening. You fertilize every week with a specific ratio of the 14 minerals all plants in the world need. Some older people in nursing homes have claimed that the food grown in a Mittleider garden taste as good as the food grown in THEIR grandparents' or parents' gardens tasted. That says a lot when you consider that food is 30-50% less nutritious than it was 70 years ago when our grandparents were children.

Also, my mom told me that a member of the yahoo group who lives in upstate New York grew three 30-foot long rows (mine are 15 feet long) last year and he got 2,000 POUNDS of food out of his garden! My garden has seven 15 foot long rows and one 10 foot long row.... if I can get 2,000 pounds out of my garden this year I will truly be amazed! I'll be a lot healthier if we eat mostly out of our garden this summer too!

Here's what our garden looked like last Tuesday (5/31).

The rows are all formed and all but 2 of the rows are planted!

Tomatoes - an organic striped roma tomato from Territorial Seed Company that I started from seed myself! This is the first year my own tomato seedlings haven't died! Definitely making progress!!! The other half of this row are peas that were left over from chitting the seeds this spring.

We got the corn and bush beans planted on Saturday (the 28th May). I still had some garden fabric (row covers) left over from a couple of years ago, so I put them down to keep the crows from eating my corn and bean seedlings like they did last year! It's interesting how within a week most of the corn seeds underneath the cloth has already sprouted while the corn under the chicken wire (left side of the picture in the 2nd row back) hadn't yet sprouted. As soon as the seedlings have roots deep enough that crows won't pull them up, I'm going to plant my pole beans and cover them with the row covers to keep the birds from eating my planted seeds and seedlings!

Can you see my little pea plants popping up? I've had some people comment that it may be too late in the season for me to grow peas, but on the Mittleider yahoo group a man in Arizona grew cool weather crops such as spinach without it bolting - so perhaps my peas will do well this year with the Mittleider method!

My 10 foot row of strawberries. 

This corner of our yard is going to be the sunflower corner. Our neighbor removed her 60 year old lilac bushes that were mostly old growth a couple of weeks ago and so now I finally have sunlight in this corner of the yard! 
Tips Jr. wanted to water the garden last week when he found his dragon watering pail so I had him plant some sunflower seeds in this corner of the garden. I am a bit impatient for my 7 foot and 12 foot tall sunflowers to be in bloom! Sunflowers are so fun to watch since they really do follow the sun.


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