Tips Jr. My little German model

Thursday when my friend Danielle came over I was still trying to clean up the mess of 6 open bins of baby & toddler clothes I was either going through to find the 9 month clothes for Miss Tips to wear or trying to find room in the boy clothes bins for the clothes Tips Jr. has outgrown. 

It's a good thing I got into the bins when I did! My mother-in-law gave me the pair of lederhosen that belonged to my brother-in-law when he was a preschooler. She had asked he and his wife if they wanted the lederhosen for my nephew, but they declined. Since I have now been to Germany 3 times and Tips Jr. visited there when he was 9 months old - I jumped at the chance to have the little pair of lederhosen for TJ to wear when Tips' mother offered them to me last spring. 

Edelweiss boy!
Tips' mother lived in Augsburg, Germany as a young child when her father was a stationed there with the US Army as a military dentist. Her mother really grew to love the German people and so she bought her daughter, my MIL, a dirndl from while she lived there. (She also gave me that dirndl so we can all guess what Miss Tips will dress up as for Halloween in about 2 years!)

I believe the lederhosen were bought by Tips' grandmother for my brother-in-law during one trip back to Germany and Austria since he was the oldest grandchild.

When I came across them Thursday, I realized that they would fit Tips Jr. RIGHT NOW! So I grabbed him a white t-shirt and put the lederhosen on him. Then, since he had just asked for cheese I thought I would pose him. I was first introduced to Babybel cheese during my stays in Germany, so I thought it was a Germany company... until just a few minutes ago when I looked it up online. Oh well... at least it made for a cute picture. 

Now if Babybel was only looking for a new spokes-child for their cheese, they would have it made with Tips Jr! He was even laughing silly in between the pictures. I really should have just made a video of him. 

And just to give a product endorsement & tip - these little cheeses are so handy to throw in the diaper bag or Tips Jr's backpack when we are going to be out running errands or to take in the car when we travel. Of course, they are a LOT cheaper at Costco than anywhere else that sells the mini-cheeses. You get a bag of about 28 at Costco for about $9 as opposed to paying $3 with a coupon for about 7 at the regular grocery store. So you pay 3x as much but you get 4x as many mini-cheeses!


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