Installing additional fonts on Windows 7

It's been a couple of years since I've installed any new free fonts on my computer - so the tutorial I gave four years ago in April 2008 is a bit outdated even for me!

I googled "install fonts on Windows 7" and of course one of the first search result to come up is to Microsoft's page. They gave a detailed tutorial - the only problem was that it wasn't working for me. I kept clicking on the "File" tab in my Control Panel window and not only was there no "install font" selection, I wouldn't be able to click on anything other than 'Close' since the other options were all gray and not selectable.

I went back to my search results and found an even better, easier tip to install additional fonts on Windows 7 from Helen Bradley at - essentially, she said, you open the actual font file you have downloaded and unzipped and there is a button at the top of that window that says, "Install". You click on that and you are done! Super easy and saved me a huge headache since I had already spent about 15 minutes trying to install the font without it working the way Microsoft said it should work.

So thank you Helen Bradley for your tip! Such a lifesaver!!!


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