Friday night pizza: homemade Pepperoni Pizza

The last two Fridays we made homemade pizza using the no-rise pizza dough crust I posted about 2 weeks ago. A week ago Friday it was Pepperoni - this last Friday it was Hawai'ian BBQ Chicken Pizza (which consisted of adding canned pineapple bits to the BBQ Chicken pizza made in the first post about Friday Night Pizza - pretty good but no pictures of that masterpiece, next time though!)

This post is a cross over with our regular Friday Night Pizza and the Montessori Method since we are really working hard to engage Tips Jr. in becoming a contributing member of our family (and society at large). He helped put the pepperoni and the shredded cheese on the pizza once the sauce was on!

 For this pizza dough I used 100% whole wheat and only used about 1 tablespoon of white flour to knead the dough on. It turned out great! I definitely felt MUCH better serving this family since it wasn't empty carbs from 'enriched' white flour. It has all the nutrients, vitamins and fiber from freshly ground 100% whole wheat flour! I even got more creative with the crust and folded it over like I learned to do when I worked at Papa Murphy's Take-n-Bake pizza 11 years ago. It looks so much prettier this way. After I master it I'll post a video of making the crust all fancy like this (you know, after my boring crust on the first pizza I posted about 2 weeks ago).

Tips Jr. really enjoyed participating in putting the pizza together! Currently he pronounces 'pepperoni' as if it is 'pupperoni' which reminds me of the dog treats I see commercials for occasionally. :D He did a pretty good job covering the pizza with pepperoni and we only needed to add a few more slices to fill in the gaps.

Also, as you can see, we are re-using the parchment paper from 2 weeks ago. It has now been used 3 times to bake pizza and we think we can get another 2 uses out of it. We'll see how long it holds up, especially since only the exposed edges/corners are getting burned. 

Where did I get such awesome pepperoni from? You can read about it from yesterday's post here!


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