Friday night pizza: homemade chicken BBQ pizza

Tips Jr. is excited for pizza!
April of last year we had a pizza night for our monthly non-Sunday Relief Society meeting. My friend Sam organized the meeting that month and had a brother in our ward come and teach us how to form pizza dough. Then we tried some yummy combinations of pizza - more than your standard pepperoni or Canadian bacon and pineapple fare - one of which was Chicken BBQ pizza - Tips' FAVORITE!
Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce - 2/40oz
The next time we went to Coscto we bought a set of
Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue sauce
  since Sam informed us no other BBQ sauce would taste as good for this pizza.

Over a year and one move later, we still hadn't even taken the plastic wrapping off of our 2 bottles of BBQ sauce - until Friday that is. We were out of frozen DiGiornio or Kirkland Cheese pizzas, I couldn't think of anything else for dinner so at the last minute I suggested we make pizza. I knew there had to be a good no-rise pizza dough recipe in my box or book somewhere. But the one I was thinking of wasn't to be found - so I googled 'no rise pizza dough' and the first search result was this fabulous no rise pizza crust recipe from

It was awesome! Fast and easy to make, delicious, filling (probably due to the use of whole wheat!) and I easily ground up FRESH wheat flour in the Nutrimill Wheat Grinder my mom gave me for Christmas this year.

Before I began making the pizza dough I made sure my bottom rack was as low as it could go in the oven, put the pizza stone on it and turned the oven all the way up to 500 degrees (as high as it could go). While it was pre-heating I made up the dough while Tips cooked up some chicken tenders he bought on sale this last month. While the dough was 'resting' I got out a sheet of parchment paper - also a gift from my mom a couple of Christmases ago - and placed it on the wooden pizza paddle. I formed the dough and laid it on the parchment paper and then squeezed Sweet Baby Ray's all over the dough. I actually could have used more than I did! Tips has the chicken pieces done so we put those on and then since I didn't have a red onion on hand, I diced up some yellow onion for my side of the pizza (Tips doesn't like onions - even cooked onions) and we covered it with shredded mozzarella cheese. Then we slid the pizza with the parchment paper under it, onto the pizza stone and turned on the timer for 13 minutes. It was done closer to 10 or 11 minutes and it smelled so good!

Coupled with some home bottle grape juice - and it was a delightful meal! It's too bad that after all the hype about having pizza Tips Jr. wasn't as hungry after all (he just likes his picture taken - he must be my son!) and we had to eat his untouched pizza. I seriously need to make this pizza again this week - only this time I'm going to try the recipe with even more whole wheat flour and see how that goes.


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