Family Reunion idea


Today we are at a family reunion for my grandma's family (her brothers and sisters).... so in honor of what we are doing today, I'll share with you what we did at our family reunion in 2007. My dad helped organize the program and he thought it would be a great idea to spotlight the veterans in the family. He got in contact with his uncles who were still alive and arranged for them to bring their military uniform from when they were in the service. My own grandfather passed away in 1972 so my dad arranged to bring his father's uniform from my grandmother's house. Another one of my great-uncles who was a veteran passed away in the 90s, so my dad got in contact with one of his children to have them bring their dad's uniform.

Then my dad got a grandson or granddaughter from each of these veterans to put on the uniform and then had each of his living uncles talk a little bit about their military service in the armed forces. My great-uncle on the far end enlisted and a month after enlisting World War II ended. I had another great-uncle who was too young to serve in WWII but served in the Korean War. My own grandfather was in the army during WWII (my younger brother is the first boy in from the left and that is my grandmother standing next to him in the blue).

It was a great way to honor our family armed forces veterans and good visual aid in learning a little bit more family history. I can't wait to see what the program is today at our reunion!


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