100th post and FIRST ever video!

Today marks my 100th post on mrstips.com!

To celebrate I created my very first video on Windows Live Movie Maker and uploaded it to my YouTube channel, TheMrsTips.

It demonstrates how well our Tokens for TV Time is working with Tips Jr! After using up all of his token time he earned earlier this morning, TJ needed to complete some additional chores to earn more nickels (tokens). I have tried and tried to teach him to fold washcloths before (that was the first practical life skill my mother taught me when I was about his age), but to no avail - he was not interested. Until, that is, he learned it would help him earn a nickel! Now I finally have a willing participant!


Katrina said…
You give me hope that I can teach my kids how to help, I just need to keep trying. I am going to teach them this. THanks!

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