Visually Separating Living Spaces

Per my college education I am an interior designer. I lean towards the classical/traditional look. Despite the clutter that does exist in my living space, I don't necessarily want people to see the dirty dishes in the kitchen when they come over to visit us... or the project spread all over the kitchen table.

Unfortunately that was the case in our apartment since the kitchen and living room were open to each other by this doorway. And I really wanted to visually separate the two living spaces.

I felt really ingenious when I came up with this solution! I used the $7 Big Lots shower curtain I had bought for our previous rental and used it to hang this striped sheer Scalamandre` fabric I got during my internship in 2001 (it was discontinued and they were going to literally throw it away... I just can't let perfectly good, expensive fabric get thrown away so I asked if I could have it - which they gave me permission to do). I really was quite impressed with myself... until I saw that most of my Mexican neighbors had also done the same thing. I guess good ideas come to both the interior design trained mind as well as non-interior design trained minds. :D

And here is what else the curtain hid:
 Tips Jr's table (IKEA's unfinished wood SVALA collection) and chairs I painted black - which I'm pretty sure I only paid $30 for the table and 2 chairs 2 years ago but are now sold separately for a total of $40. If you have a hankering for a much cheaper DIY version I would head over to Ana White for her $4 STACKABLE chair and her Clara table both of which look very similar to IKEA's SVALA design. If I had to do it over I would have built my own!

I also have the white Leksvik 5 hook rack holding our most often used jackets.
And on the opposite side I have our microwave on the microwave cart and a stack of food buckets full of flour and sugar. LOVE those gamma lids!


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