Using the "Metal Insets"

Last February I posted a tutorial on how to make your own 'metal' insets out of mat board scraps you can pick up at your local framing shop and some paint. I have since learned that you can use chipboard and cut them out with a Cricut! That would have been sooooooo much easier - and then I would have been guaranteed a perfect fit/match!

Aside from that, I never did a follow-up showing Tips Jr using the mat board insets! I'm thankful Leann over at Montessori Tidbits is sharing the progression of handwriting that she is learning from Karen Tyler's course. I am so excited to take Karen Tyler's course this summer. I have to wait until I get my birthday money in August... but that is what I am going to get myself for my birthday present! Material goods will get ruined or lost or out of date... but knowledge is something you get to take with you when you die... unlike material goods!

Here TJ is using the matboard inset
Oops! He heard the camera take a picture - so now it's time to say "Cheese!"


Thanks for mentioning me! So glad people are finding the handwriting posts useful!

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