Stuffed Animal Storage

When Tips Jr was a baby I was reading in one of those parenting magazines and read a baby/toddler product review for the Boon animal bag - but starting at even $42.50 for their smallest ones (and going up to $99 for their largest seat) was out of my price range! LOVED the idea of it as doing double-duty to store stuffed animals/toys and then also becoming child-sized seating... but not in love with the price.

 Then one day I was going through my IKEA catalog and spotted the inflatable seat covers.... and decided THAT was within my price range at $15! So a few months ago when I was already at IKEA buying some items for our new house, I made sure I bought one of these lady bug Sagosten remove-able cover... but didn't buy the inflatable insert since I wouldn't be needing it!

Once we moved in and I was unpacking the kids' toys, I put most of the stuffed animals inside, like this:

Zip it up flip it over, and viola' instant seat and stuffed animal storage!

I do have to warn that the Sagosteen Inflatable cover comes with "Childproof zipper prevents a child from opening the cover." so I inserted a twist tie so I could easily open the zipper since it will be getting a lot of use when we pull the animals out to play with them and then put them back


Kate said…
hey I LOVE this idea! Now that's on my IKEA "need" list... do you do that? Have a running list of ikea needs, that way when you go you have a list instead of thinking everything is cool and must be a must have!?

Okay, we really need to have a sewing day... I have SO many projects right now... I finally cleaned my basement so I have been a projecting queen as of late! And I finally bit the bullet and turned one of my prefolds into a fitted, and I love it, so I am ready to make more!
okay, that's all!
MrsTips said…
I sooooo do that Kate! That's what happened on my IKEA shopping trip in February after we found out the bank accepted our offer... I started a running list of all the things I needed to get at IKEA.

I think I'm going to have you help me make some of my Montessori materials - so we need to have a sewing day and then we need to have a wood shop day!

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