The Simple Things

  Since it is Tips' birthday, I thought I would highlight one of the activities that Tips and Tips Jr like to do together.... sliding/pushing TJ across the floor in a box. This is a product that you can get for free just about anywhere!

I just love how simple things can make a little child so incredibly happy - and keep them entertained for such a long time too!

 And here are some pictures of Tips Jr 2 years ago when he was about 18 months old playing in some boxes we had out. I didn't even put it out specifically for him to play with, but after he climbed in I had to take some pictures! He's obviously having lots of fun!

I think the other thing this post emphasizes is that you don't have to buy fancy, expensive toys all the time to keep your children entertained - they have large enough imaginations to entertain themselves (and the adults in their life) if we just let them use it! Why go into debt to entertain your child? There are plenty of free things your child can do that are just as fun!

In fact, I have two books on my to-read list for this summer. One I borrowed from my mom (she bought it 20 years ago when my younger brother was a tot) - it is called 365 TV-Free Activities You can Do with Your Child by Steve & Ruth Bennett. The 2nd book is one my sister-in-law gave me for Christmas in 2009, it is titled: 301 Bright Ideas for Busy Kids by Slivana Clark. I really look forward to doing some of these activities with Tips Jr this coming summer and year - and our favorite ones will make it on here!


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