Personal health assessment

I eat way too many empty carbs, too much sugar, too much chocolate and not nearly enough vegetables. I drive my car much to often when I should be walking. I really should buy a bicycle and a bike trailer for the little ones to ride in and run errands that way instead of driving everywhere - especially with the cost of gasoline rising so much

All of this being honest with myself and recognizing that while I do not look unhealthy, I am unhealthy, came about today. I was really feeling the need to find my ideal body weight of 120 lbs by this September since Tips and I have a wedding we will be attending then. I also realized that Miss Tips is almost 8 months old. When Tips Jr. was this age I had already run in the Ragnar Relay Wasatch Back and a 5k at the company party that summer. I really need to get back into shape. I have so much more energy and stamina when I am implementing a good exercise regime. Not only that, but exercising has the strange effect of making me crave sweets less. When I ran cross country in high school I actually didn't like to eat junk food - it made me feel so sick. Now my body tolerates it, but my mind is always scolding me when I eat handful after handful of Cadbury mini-eggs and/or Starburst Jellybeans.

The idea that not all thin people are healthy was first introduced to me when I was a missionary serving in Indiana and came about a conversation I had with my friend LuAnn. She is very tall (like 5'10" or 5'11") and thin and as we got into a conversation about how we both had the body types that most other women were envious of because we could eat as much of anything we wanted and not really gain weight. She then made a comment that was something along the lines of, "People think that thin people are always healthy, when in many instances we are usually MORE unhealthy because we have such high metabolisms that we can eat whatever junk food we want and not gain weight." She is so right about that! I've known quite a few people who were much healthier than I was in their eating and exercise habits, but if put side by side I'm sure strangers would assume I was the healthy one! And I have crappy eating habits!

While I am not overly concerned about my appearances, Type II diabetes runs heavily on my maternal line. My mother, her sister and a brother all have it. Their father, aunt and some of my grandfather's double-cousins had it. This is something I most likely carry the gene for and if certain proteins line up just so, I'm sure I will develop this disease.

I really do not like pricking my finger. I could live without that and taking all the pills that go along with Type II Diabetes and the side effects that go along with those medications my mom is on. I also know that diabetic specialists and their nutritionists also want diabetic patients to lose weight when they are diagnosed anyway.... so I can either change my habits and lifestyle now so that I don't ever develop Type II Diabetes OR I can continue to let myself go and develop Type II Diabetes later on and STILL have to change my lifestyle/habits in order to live a quality life.

I choose to change my habits and lifestyle now - because the earlier we start in changing our habits/lifestyle (no matter what it is), the easier it is or becomes rather than waiting 20-30 years and THEN changing my habits.

First thing I am going to do is to start going to bed by 11pm every night - starting tonight. This last year I have felt guilty time and time again when I stay up way to late on the computer or watching TV because I have read quite a few women's health articles where they cites studies and research that women who don't get 8 hours of sleep are more likely to gain weight and to then not be able to lose the weight.

Oh yeah, did I mention that my father has sleep apnea? Experts still aren't sure if it is sleep apnea that causes weight gain or if weight gain is what causes sleep apnea.

Second thing I am going to do is to get up at 6:30 and to do an hour of yoga every morning - starting tomorrow morning! I really love When they first started about 3 years ago they offered a free yoga class every day of the week streaming live on your computer. Now they offer a weekly class but you can subscribe for either $10/month or $90/year and have unlimited access to streaming their classes or you can simply download classes in mp4 format to your computer or mobile device for $4/class. That is such a good deal for quality yoga instruction! The only negative part about online yoga classes is you don't have an instructor there to observe if you aren't doing a pose correctly. But I also can't afford to attend live yoga classes everyday and yoga is something that really should be practiced everyday for optimum flexibility and stamina.

Third thing I am going to do is to eat more salads for lunch! I bought a bag of almonds last week to put on my spinach salads - and I haven't yet made a salad! If I can increase my fruit & vegetable intake to 8 servings ideal that would be ideal.

Fourth thing - I am REALLY going to start researching bikes this week and see if the Athena Forge bike at is really everything all the reviewers say it is! And then I will use that to run errands with the kids (after I purchase helmets for everyone that is!)

And since I don't really have anyone else to be accountable to for these lifestyle changes, I guess I will just have to post about it here - so please feel free to follow-up with me so that I have someone bugging me about it since I know Tips won't!


kjersti said…
How did the research go? And you could ask your yoga/pilates/dance teaching sister to Skype yoga instruction with you.
kjersti said…
Or you could use the Wii Fit
MrsTips said…
That's an excellent idea to have our sister Skype yoga to me. Hmmm.....

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