Oxi-Clean to the rescue!

Stained 55 year old vintage baby dress? Not a problem when you have Oxi-clean!

I am the sentimental one in Tips family. I'm the one who is interested in and doing THEIR family history. I'm the one who really likes heirlooms. So my mother-in-law gave me her baby dress that had been in her cedar chest for the last 30+ years for my little girl when we were visiting them about a year ago. 

Unfortunately it had a tiny hole and a LARGE round, brown stain (between a nickel and a quarter size) under the right arm-hole. The stain was a result of furniture polish leaking through the crack where the lid and the trunk met.

Foolishly trusting my high school employer, I waited until we went up to Idaho last July to have the dry cleaners I used to work at clean it for me. I thought, "I trust them. They know more things about fabric than I do - and this seems like a really fragile cotton fabric." 

I should have just used Oxi-clean to begin with. The dry cleaners put a HUGE hole where the stain and tiny hole was and they still didn't get the stain out completely. 

Ugh..... Hindsight is always 20/20 though.

So as you can see - there is a difference between the dress on the left and the slip on the right. The slip hasn't yet been oxi-cleaned and it still has a yellowish/cream hue to it. My mother-in-law and I actually thought the dress' original color was cream and I was only using Oxi-clean to remove the brown stain.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled out this brilliant white dress (on the left of the picture) out of the tub it had been sitting in for a couple of hours filled with hot water and Oxi-clean.

And here is the dress on little Miss Tips! (And don't you love the quilt Miss Tips is lying on? My sister made it for her and I just adore it!)


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