I {heart} decorative contact paper

Truly, I adore decorative contact paper! When showing the house to Tips' family my future brother-in-law suggested exactly what I was planning to do after seeing the state of the drawers and cabinets:

They looked icky enough that even after cleaning them I didn't want to put my dishes directly on them. 

But thanks to awesome amazon.com vendors & my local Target store, I found the best contact paper to line my cupboards and drawers with!

I couldn't find any local stores that sold the Virtu Black Contact paper (which I also used on my Stove Backsplash) and so we bought it on amazon.com for the cheapest we could find it with shipping. I think it was about $9 shipped? Initially I wanted the Virtu Red Contact paper but it was almost twice as much for 1/3 of the amount of contact paper per roll!

And now for my beautiful cupboards and drawers:

So MUCH prettier and cleaner looking! I seriously love this stuff!!! This is such a good idea for renters since you can easily freshen up an old bathroom or kitchen for under $20 and it removes easily when it's time to move out.


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