For your little pirate/buccaneer

I worked for a furniture store as a display assistant for almost 3 years before Tips Jr was born. As such, I unpacked almost all of the accessories we sold at the time. Spring of 2006 I was really started paying attention to the decorative ship wheels we sold because my little nephew was really into pirates at the time. I figured out the perfect birthday present for him - make a ship's wheel! I called Papa up (my dad) and talked to him about it to see if he would build it if I bought the wheel. We ordered the wheel on ebay rather than buying it with my discount - because the one on ebay was still cheaper than the one at the store even with my discount! I had it shipped to my dad and he built the platform/stand to mount the wheel on.

I have to tell you about my dad. He worked for NOAA as a surveyor when he and my mom were first married so he is really into maps and compasses. Prior to his NOAA stint he was in the Navy with the SeaBees. Did I mention his bachelor degree was in civil engineering? And that he is a perfectionist? My dad was definitely the one to call to build this thing!

I should ask him again how he attached the ship wheel to the stand so that it would spin all the way around, but he even inserted a small compass on the top of the stand (you should be able to see it in both pictures). LOVE it! And so did my nephew. We took it over to him the night before his birthday so that he could use it for his birthday party that year since it was a pirate theme - and all his little friends loved it too!

Wow! I can't believe he is going to be 8 this year and that Tips Jr is the same age my nephew was when we gave him this awesome present. I think I need to hit my dad up for some plans to build this thing and make one for TJ - or at least submit them to Ana White!


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