2009 sewing projects and beyond

Ack! I've had a couple of these pictures for almost 2 years to post and haven't yet posted them!

Don't mind the white glare... those really are my arms and legs that haven't seen daylight all winter - but here is the tankini I made! I made my first swimsuits in high school when I was in 4-H - but let me tell you how much I LOVE the swim lycra available today! LOVE the colors and prints! I used the basic one piece swimming suit from Kerstin Martensson's Kwik Sew's Swim & Action Wear pattern book and then chopped it off near the bottom to have a tankini that fully covered my belly AND my back. I'll post a tutorial in the future when I finish making my 2nd tankini.

The bottoms are sort of by my own making... and they are kind of horrific, so don't mind those. My goal is to get a pattern for a bottom I like and make those for this summer. That will be in the tutorial I mentioned above ^.

Here I am again in the swimsuit - but what I am highlighting here is the LARGE pocket diaper I made for Tips Jr. I posted about cloth diapers a few years ago when TJ was a baby. Since then, the girl who made those small and medium diapers taught a class on how to make her cloth diapers and sold the pattern. I got a few of my friends together (Kate from littlegreendesigns.blogspot.com and Krystal from recipesofacheapskate.blogspot.com were two in attendance) along with my mom and Ivy taught us the class. Pocket cloth diapers are pretty simple and straight forward - they are just very time intensive! But making them yourself is a WHOLE lot cheaper than buying them from someone else - rather than spending $15-20/diaper, I spent $5/diaper. I made 18 Large diapers and TJ wore those diapers for 2 years! Can you imagine spending $90 to diaper your child over the course of 2 years? Incredibly cheap - and I am going to reuse those diapers on Miss Tips, so that will make them even cheaper over the course of the diaper's lifetime!

Here are a couple of shots of Tips Jr and Krystal's little girl in the locker room at the swimming pool that summer!

She is REALLY interested in TJ's awesome lime green diapers!

It's strange how once you start to acquire a cloth diaper stash it gets addicting. I couldn't stop with the 18 large diapers I made for TJ.... I had to make some pink ones for a future little girl I hoped to have and did have! Here are the chocolate snap hot pink diapers I started for Miss Tips when TJ was just over a year old and I wasn't even close to thinking about trying to conceive again!

And not to be left out of the spotlight, here's Miss Tips sporting the above diaper. So cute... I love my fluff!


Marcene said…
where did you buy the snaps for your diapers. My "flips" have these snaps and I'd like to use the same kind for another project.
MrsTips said…

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