$10 or less backsplash for your stovetop!

When we were moving out of our apartment I realized that the wall behind our stove was horribly disgusting with spatters of grease. I had a hard time getting it off the wall because it is such a pain to clean all the specks hardened grease out of the orange peel texture of our walls. Yuck!

I understand now why so many people put aluminum foil up on the wall behind their stove when they are living in apartments. I just didn't want my kitchen to look tacky. And while my new kitchen has a back-splash, it is a beadboard backsplash.... can you imagine how annoying it would be to clean grease out of beadboard? Not something I want to do!

During the same IKEA trip as purchasing the Ladybug remove-able cover, I spotted the IKEA FASTBO wall panels, which are back splashes you can put up on your wall above your counter tops. We hadn't closed on the house yet and I hadn't thought to take measurements between the cabinets above the stove, so I bought it. Once we closed on the house and started coming over to get it ready to move in, I discovered that the wall panel was not large enough to fit behind my range - I wanted cupboard to cupboard coverage!

7 Piece Magnetic Spice Rack and DecantersI thought about just putting a piece of sheet metal up since that look of exposed sheet metal is a current trend in crafty framed magnetic boards you can buy at craft stores and home decor stores... but then I realized that since I was buying Virtu Black Contact paper (as shown here) to line the cupboards and drawers with, I could just cover the sheet metal with the contact paper! Then I would have a magnetic back splash that was pretty AND easy to clean! I wanted a magnetic backsplash to hold these cool magnetic spice containers so many of my friends have in their kitchens!

I started making a few calls to local businesses that do HVAC work and found a local dealer who sold me the size of sheet metal I needed for about $6! The cheapest I had found anywhere else was for $12 and was about 30 miles away from my new house! I'm so glad I called around!!!!

So here's the 'tutorial': measure the width between the cupboards and take off 1/8 inch from the width to give you some wiggle room - then measure from the bottom of the cupboard to how far down you want the backsplash to go - if you have a range it doesn't really matter since it will be hidden, but if you have a cooktop then you will want to get an accurate measurement to the top of the counter/cooktop. If your backsplash is fitting between the bottom of the wall cupboards and the top of the counter, then you will also want to take 1/8 inch off of that measurement as well. Those two measurements are your exact measurements you want them to cut!

Once you get the sheet metal home, lay it on a clean surface such as your counter or tabletop and then get that contact paper out!

You will need to pre-drill 3 holes near the top of your sheet metal. I had Tips drill holes in the middle top about 1" from the edge of the top and then in the 2 top corners, about one inch in from the side and the top.

Once the holes were drilled I carefully applied the contact paper to the sheet metal leaving about 1/2-1" border all the way around so I could wrap it. Also, be sure to position your contact paper so that the width of the contact paper is parallel to the side of your board - then you can unroll the contact paper along the length of your board (length is the width of the range/stove top) and not have a seam in the middle of your backsplash.

I wrapped the edges around the sheet metal and then poked a nail through the holes my Tips drilled for me. Once that was done I held the board up to the wall and attached it to the wall using screws.

This was one of the first photos I sent to my sister of my new house. She took my idea and created a modification of it using posterboard! Then she only needed to use thumbtacks to attach the backsplash to the wall - that is a much better option for renters, much smaller holes to fill when you move out! And I LOVE her contact paper. It was one of the options I considered... my tie breaker was that the black and white contact paper was almost 1/2 as much as the green contact paper on amazon.com and it fit my decor better than the green (I have red kitchen towels, pot holders, curtains and washcloths).

While this photo is the intellectual property of My Quest for Perfection, she does not yet have a watermark for her photos so I put my watermark on her photo to protect her intellectual property.


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