Elmo Hat tutorial

My son really, really, REALLY likes Elmo. I think that is standard for 3 year old children who watch Sesame Street.
Last fall for Halloween I made him an Elmo hat for his costume. It was sooooo easy! And essentially free since I had all the materials left over from other projects!

I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of the process, but hopefully my tutorial of sorts is clear enough!

1)  What I did first was to look through Tips Jr's Elmo coloring book and find a picture of Elmo looking straight ahead. 

2) Then I enlarged it on my printer until I got it the size I wanted it to be, printed it out and then cut the head out. 

3) I then traced the entire head onto red felt and then cut the eyes, nose and mouth out of the paper pattern and cut those out of the coordinating colors: white felt, orange felt and black felt). 

4) After cutting the 'eyeballs' out of white felt, I then cut out the black 'pupils' and used that as a pattern to cut the black pupils out of black felt. 

5) I traced around the edges of all the pieces with a black sharpie to create the black outline on the felt (Use a brand new sharpie or permanent marker - it works so much better than one you've had around for months and months like I started to use on this little project)

6) Hot glue all the layers together as you see and then finally hot glue it to a baseball hat of your choice - in this case it is a Star Tours hat of Tip's that had a broken band in the back which is probably why he never wore it (I fixed the broken plastic band in back by taking it out and then using a black piece of nylon strapping that already had velcro on it and sized to fit Tips Jr's head)

To complete his Halloween costume, Tips Jr wore a borrowed red sweatshirt (which was an upcycle from an adult's sweatshirt) and red athletic pants I picked up at thrift store (Deseret Industries or D.I.) for $2 a couple of years ago.


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