Toddler object matching game

I read on a Montessori for toddlers idea list to have toddlers match objects to pictures of the object. I decided this was something I could readily do because we do have a lot of smaller sized objects for Tips Jr. to handle. And I wanted to find a good way to recycle the model house I made when I was in my Interior Design classes in college.

After dismantling my 'tiny house' I then selected a few items to use on the object cards for Tips Jr. I don't have a fancy canon rebel camera like almost all of my sisters-in-law have, so I just used my Canon PowerShot and took pictures of the objects I recycled from the tiny house and that we had around the house anyway in front of a white paper background with the flash turned off. It made for a grey background on my photos - but I decided to not be too picky. 

 (ETD: I did just learn how to make a photo box here and I also learned that I can change/adjust the white light settings on my Canon PowerShot - I will be doing both of those things in the future to make my photos look more professional.)

I created a template with 4 cards per 8.5"x 11" page in photoshop that I could then use to insert the photos as I resized and cropped them to fit, but once I printed them out on the cardstock, I realized the bottom 2 cards were taller than the top two cards. So it looks like I'll need to go back and resize that for future use. 

Also, on my cards I included the name of the object underneath the photo so that in a few more years when we start working on reading and phonics, I can already have some of my 3-part cards printed up and will just need to print a 2nd set and then separate the word from the object card and laminate them. Speaking of laminating... I still need to laminate these object cards. 

It turned out great! I showed Tips Jr only ONCE how to do it and then I put it all away (the objects and cards back in the basket you see him holding) and rolled his rug up and put it away. The next day he pulled it all out and started to work on it by putting the objects on their cards. In this picture he figured out I was taking a picture of him so he turned around to say "CHEESE!!!!" like he always does when he sees or hears the camera!

And here's a more clear picture of our cards and the objects - and these are only about half of the cards I actually made up. I just ran out of cardstock and couldn't print the other half - but for Tips Jr's age (26 months) this is probably a perfect amount to start with and we can build up or change out objects and the corresponding cards.


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