Happy Valentines/Mother's Day/Birthday to me!

Tips is seriously one of the sweetest men out there! He decided that I should get a Cricut Expression, so he found a brand new one on craigslist.org in Oregon (where his parents live) for way cheap. He called his mom after he found it (which was only 20 minutes after it was posted) and she called the people and drove over there to buy it for him. She decided that since I'm expecting and it's winter and cold outside, that I should get it NOW rather than waiting for spring when we head up there to visit or when they come down this summer because I'll be busy in the garden when spring hits. So she paid to have it shipped down to us and totally surprise me. She was sending another package at the same time and so when I received both boxes while Tips was at work, I didn't even think about the fact that one of them had Tips' name on not only the shipping label but also didn't see that the side of the box where it was marked, "Tips Only" (I was 6 weeks pregnant and for some reason I always feel like the UPS man comes so early.... so I wasn't even thinking that clearly when I began opening the boxes) so I opened both of them, thinking that my MIL had found a lot more of Tips' stuff to send to us. Ooops! I quickly saw that one of them was a surprise for me and Tips wasn't even home!

I am the queen of wrecking surprises that Tips has for me - and I don't even try to! It just happens. So I shut the box and taped it up again and waited for Tips to come home, but in the meantime called him and left a message on his voicemail at work that said, "I think I found a surprise you had for me. I'm sorry." And then called my MIL to see if she had sent us both boxes or if whatever surprise Tips had for me just happened to come the same day as her box. She told me that she had written on the side of the box that it was for him only.... perhaps with my current state of mind she should have written it on all sides of the box. Perhaps Tips could have told me he had a box coming to HIM that I should NOT open. But no.... they assumed a bleary eyed 1st trimester pregnant woman with a toddler would be cognizant at 9:30 am when the UPS man comes. 

In an effort to at least take some good pictures, I then proceeded to be 'surprised' when Tips had me open it for the pictures. 

And since they have now received their thank you cards (yesterday) I can post pictures of the "Thank You" cards I made for Tips grandparents (the pear one below) because every year they send us Harry & David Royal Riviera Pears for Christmas....
And a special "Thank You" to my wonderful Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law for not only going in on the present and surprise, but for also shipping it down here early for me! My MIL called Tips Thursday to ask him where I got the card and he told her I had made it with the Cricut (only using the 2 cartridges I have that came with it). She was quite impressed. It took me a while to figure out how large I actually wanted the lettering, but I suppose that's part of the Cricut learning curve. 


Nadia said…
Happy Birthday! And what an awesome gift...I might have to come over and see how it works :) by the way...we love Craigslist too, and I am always searching for things back at home!

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