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I subscribe to . Today they featured a freebie from a Charlotte Mason inspired homeschooling family in South Africa. WOW!!! Can I say soooooooooo much inspiration!!! It makes me want Tips Jr. to grow up a little too fast so I can use some of these ideas with him! I haven't read much of Charlotte Mason - but from what I understand from other homeschooling forums I've perused, her approach is a traditional education.

Anyway.... there are so many great homeschooling families out there with so many great ideas that they have tried and tested with their families and made it all work. I used to be overwhelmed because I really like elements from the following disciplines:

Thomas Jefferson Education
Charlotte Mason
The Well-Educated Mind
Courageous Beings

I wondered how on earth I could ever choose one discipline from so many great ones should I decide to homeschool Tips Jr. past kindergarten. But then it dawned on me, the beauty of homeschooling is that as the parent, I truly can choose the elements from each that work best for me as the parent/educator and for the personalities of my child(ren).

So the researching continues as I strive to even understand what it means to be a parent!


Nadene said…
Thank you for your positive comments and link!
I absolutely agree that homeschooling is a journey and the joy is that we grow with our children! God bless you as you discover and learn together with your son ~ enjoy the time with him ~ whatever the method or approach you use!
Blessings, Nadene
Natalie said…
That is sooo cool! Are you going to do homeschooling? I have been thinking about it and really want to, my husband does not really think it is the best...but good thing I am the mother! Chloe is only a few weeks old so we have a while to think about it! Miss you and would love to get back in touch with you!
Natalie Lenz

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