Toddlers helping with housework

Tips Jr. likes to help clean.... that's a bit of an understatement! It seems that most toddlers want to feel that they can and do contribute to the household and that is why they often mimic what their parents or guardians are doing.... even if they are actually hindering what the adult is doing. 

It isn't pictured here, but we have a small spray bottle that we just fill with water that Tips Jr. will use to spray on the oven, the fridge, the walls, the kitchen floor or the doors, his table and/or chair and then use one of his wash rags (found in his cupboard) to wipe and clean up.

And strangely enough, when Tips Jr. gets bored of playing with his toys or watching his shows, he is often really happy to 'help' me clean! He's gotten so that if he spills liquid in the kitchen, he goes right to his cupboard to get a wash rag to wipe up his own mess! Just another great reason I love to teach my child to be self-sufficient!


kj said…
I love watching him clean!! So much fun - especially when he leaves the table during dinner to get his spray bottle and clean the table. Love you!!

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