Upcycled Cans: Colored Pencil Holders

I was thinking the other day that perhaps I should rename Mrs. Tips to "This side of cheap". 
Once again, something basic that I just do not have money for are 12 Colored Pencil Holders. $40+shipping. As I was deliberating what I could use as a substitute, I realized that tomato sauce cans are a pretty good size to use as colored pencil holders. I checked in our tin can recycling bag on the back porch and saw that our neighbors (we share the landing) had put 6 cans in there with 4 of them still in good shape. And they were already cleaned out!
So I pulled them out. And to be honest, I have no shame in pulling something out of the garbage or recycling bin if I can put it to better use!
I'm sure others have made colored pencil holders with tomato sauce cans, but since I haven't ever seen it on any of the blogs I read, I thought I may as well post mine.

There was one small section from the inner band at the top that was sticking out (into the can), so I used the side of a table knife to push it flush with the rest of the can. I don't need my little man cutting his finger on a tin can when he reaches in to pull out or put away a pencil!

I cut a strip of paper to cover the existing label but still leave the top and bottom rings showing. I know I could have pulled the existing label off, but I'm also a tad lazy. So feel free to take the paper off your tin cans before covering them with other paper! This piece of paper is 11 inches long and almost 3 inches tall.

I taped one edge of the paper to the can.

I then overlapped the paper and taped it down. 

Voila`! My own colored pencil holder - this one is for the blues!

 And here they are lined up on the art easel tray with pencils sorted out, just waiting for Tips Jr's little hand to pull one out & use!

Tips made Taco Soup last week and so I have another can to use but I don't know what color to make next, grey for the neutral colored pencils (black, white, grey & brown) or orange? I'm thinking orange though since that will help give it some more color, and then maybe purple and then the grey one. I hope they all fit in the tray!


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