Fluffy Whole Wheat Bread

When I have made whole wheat bread in the past, it has turned out like this bread - dense, dark and crumbly. Not all that appetizing.... well, at least for my family it isn't.

Well, I wanted to share with you the tips I learned from my mom just a few weeks ago for whole wheat bread and just tried today for the first time ever. Although the picture below is not an actual picture of my bread, this is more of what it looked like when it was done and we cut into it! Actually, my sister-in-law (Tips' oldest sister) told me that my bread looked like store bought whole wheat bread (the fluffy kind) but tasted like homemade bread.
The secret isn't using a mixture of white flour and whole wheat flour, although some do that. The difference I did today was 1) didn't use the entire amount of whole wheat flour as called since 2-1/2 cups got the dough to the very slightly sticky stage it needs to be at before you let it rise; 2) I added 1 Tbsp of gluten flour and MOST IMPORTANT 3) I let my KitchenAide mixer mix the dough for about 30 minutes.

Next time I will try the same recipe but omit the gluten flour to see how that turns out just letting the Kitchen Aide have at it for at least 30 minutes and see if that is enough time for the natural gluten (in the fresh ground whole wheat flour - I love my Vitamix!) to work it's way throughout the dough to make it so soft and fluffy.

So while there are so many out there who are gluten intolerant and can not have gluten flour, for the rest of us who want fluffy, whole wheat bread - gluten is our best friend in the kitchen when we are making 100% whole wheat bread!


K Green said…
did you ever try it without the gluten flour can you post your recipe?

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