Clutter & Organization: Stage One

My I present my gift wrapping supply storage:
'Before' on the left side of the picture
'After' on the right side of the picture

That's right, everything I had in the paper ream box, the cardboard drawer box and about 3 loose rolls of wrapping paper I had lying around the house because they were too long for the 'box drawer' all fit into the 60 quart Sterilite container.... which, as you may notice, is about half the height of the drawer box. Later, I did put the paper ream box right behind the drawer box next to the Sterilite box and it was about 4-6 inches longer... but still - that takes up half as much room!!! That was totally worth $13.

Next up we have my paper crafting supplies:
'Before' again on the left
'After' again on the right

The baby blue cardboard box holds all of my scrapbook paper and cardstock, plus my paper cutter and some other large scraps of paper that were too large for one of the rectangle Sterilite containers. The expandable file on top holds some items I have from when I went to Europe in 1997, 2001 and also when I served my mission to Chicao, Illinois in 2003-04 AND some pictures from our honeymoon almost 5 years ago that I still haven't scrapbooked... as well as some other random pictures that I didn't know what else where to put them, so in they went until we inventory our Momentos. You will see my Crayolas AND my Prismas in the Sterilite container on the bottom, the next box up has all my paper scraps and stickers AND an additional pencil box full of smaller scraps of paper. The box on top holds all of my envelops and cards that I use to make cards for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, etc. These storage solutions don't really take up less room than what I had them in before, BUT they are all divided up so that when I want or need to use something, I don't have to dig to find it to use it and I also don't have to dig to put it away when I am done with it.

The gift wrapping box found a home underneath our bed and then the drawer box was retired to the neighborhood paper recycling bin. The paper crafting units also were given a home in the office closet. I had to pull out all of our momentos - but that was going to happen anyway. So they are in limbo on the office floor until we get the laptop boxes. Sometimes things have to get messier and uglier for a while until they can get better.


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