Where There Is No Doctor

So with the recent outbreak of the swine flu H5N1 in Mexico and in about a dozen cases throughout the US, I thought it would be wise to post a link to a FREE download book provided by the Hesperian Foundation. It is called "Where There Is No Doctor" and I would highly suggest you download a copy of the book for yourself and at the very least download chapters 3, 4 and 17 as those are helpful in treating the flu. There may be other chapters that you would like to have on hand though, so print those in case there is no electricity to run your printer (and/ or computer) when the need for the information arises.

As usual, this should not replace the medical advice of your doctor if your doctor is available, but IF this becomes a pandemic, hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices will be overwhelmed - and if you are sick with something other than the pandemic flu, you may not want to risk exposing yourself to the pandemic. Therefore, you would want to stay at home and self-treat your illness. That is where this book would come in handy.

There are many other books available there that I know I am going to download to have them on hand.


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