My Egg Salad solution!

Since Easter was this last Sunday, I now have a LOT of hard-boiled eggs on my hands. And I'm the only one that likes them (Tips doesn't like them at all!). That means I'll be making lots of egg salad sandwiches! I found that just using a fork to mash them up (like my mom always does) just takes WAAAAY too long when you are mashing up more than one egg. I realized that my potato masher makes short work of the chore. Yummy!!!


Marcene said…
I use a pastry cutter
That's a good idea. I have one of those as well - why didn't I think of that???
Krystal said…
Ikea has an egg slicer (and I know how you love ikea!)

I'm also the only one that likes egg salad, or really even hard boiled eggs!

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